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Job Update!!

June 14th, 2013 at 10:17 am

Since I last posted on here regularly 3 yrs ago, my employment status has changed a little. In March 2012, my full-time job was cut from a 5 day work week to 4 days/week in an effort to cut overhead costs in the office. Given this news along with ever present financial problems (unable to order supplies, paychecks bouncing, etc.), I decided it was past time to get my resume updated and sent to potential employers. In addition, I got 1-2 weeks of unemployment b/c the owner had no problem taking vacations, even though the business is in financial distress. Unbelievable IMO, but it isn't any wonder he has these money problems!! He doesn't have an office manager or accountant to manage the finances and continues to live a lavish lifestyle rather than making his employees happy or trying to increase morale among the staff. After all, I worked there 7 years and never got a raise, as other workers didn't either. The excuse was always, "we can't afford it".

Anyhow, a co-worker who I worked with at my Saturday job in the past (which I no longer have that income due to cutbacks), informed me that she knew of an office that needed a part-time, to eventually full-time clinician. I immediately called the office and set up an interview, then a subsequent working interview. After the working interview, I didn't hear from the office manager in over a week so I called back to find out the status, plus I wasn't paid for my working interview. Apparently, the office manager was busy with a new imaging system that was getting installed and forgot to call me back. I guess they knew they were hiring me.

The office manager offered me 2 days to start, which quickly became 3 days. I cut back my hours at my once full-time job, so I ended up with 2 PT jobs (although my previous employer allowed me to keep my medical insurance...I paid a minimal amount towards the premium). After a few months, the office manager approached me to see if I would like to cover a 3 month maternity leave w/ M-F hours! That was perfect, and the previous employer took the news very well (after all it would save him $ since business was slow anyhow). At the beginning of the three months, the office manager asked if I could start full-time beginning June 2013. Of course, I took the job.

As with any job of course there are pros and cons. The pros include a substantial pay increase ($13/hr), more job security, hours, and benefits. Oh, and I get to choose my own hours--I went with M-Th 9-7. The negative aspects include the hour long commute each way, longer hours/day, and the great relationships I had w/ previous co-workers. Another con would be that I bought an SUV to make sure I can make it to work in bad weather. With the nature of my job in the medical field, snow days don't exist. My 2005 Honda Civic is very reliable & economical otherwise, it just isn't good for driving in the snow. The Honda has been paid off for years; however, I still owe on the Toyota Highlander. I do have 0% financing though.

Back to swagging now! Have a great Friday!!

Saturday Job

June 5th, 2010 at 07:31 pm

I've worked the past two Saturdays to fill in at the job where I was once a regular employee. If there was a need for me to be there every Saturday I would definitely do it. In a way it has been relaxing to only work my FT job with the weekends free. It was difficult for me to keep up with the house and yard work + children's activities when I worked so much.

Anyway, I am looking forward to a nice addition to the extra income fund next week when I get paid for the past two Saturdays!

Saturday Job

April 4th, 2010 at 05:45 am

I got a call a few weeks ago asking if I would be available to work yesterday. At the time I didn't really want to commit to it since I was off Good Friday at my FT job and I would have had a 3 day weekend. But since I did not have any plans, I thought I should take the opportunity to make some extra $. Besides since I don't work there regularly (every Saturday) like I once did....I would probably regret it if I turned down the offer. It was a good day, not crazy, just a steady flow of patients. I'm actually happy that I did it!! Since I don't work there regularly, my extra income fund isn't growing as quickly as it had more than six months ago.

In other news, I found a dime yesterday at the convenience store where I stopped to use the ATM.

I Had to Say No...

February 6th, 2010 at 12:59 pm

when I got a call earlier this week asking me to work today. Normally I would have definitely jumped at the chance, since I could certainly use the $. Plus, this is the job I formerly worked at on Saturdays...however, with 2-3 feet of snow predicted for that area today would have made it virtually impossible for me to get there! They call me so rarely to fill-in, I just really wish I could have done it. On a good day with no precipitation it would take me about 1 1/2 hr to get there, but certainly worth the pay. I don't think I could have gotten there in my Honda Civic.

I called them back to decline the offer, explaining my concerns and the receptionist said that if the winter storm was too bad, they would most likely cancel the scheduled patients anyway. I told them to keep me in mind in the future when a clinician wanted a day off.

So the snow stopped falling a couple of hours ago here. DS and a few neighborhood children shoveled the driveway. It looks like we got about 20 inches!

Saturday Job Update

November 11th, 2009 at 07:26 pm

I haven't been working at my Saturday job since August. I was laid off because of a decline in business. I was only given a couple of days notice, but was given 2 weeks of severance pay. The severance was certainly not expected, but was a very generous gesture. On occasion I fill in for employees who need a day off, but those opportunities have been very limited. Believe me I have enjoyed only working 5 days/week, but I miss the Saturday income!
I haven't even been able to find another position to fulfill that void, but I will keep looking!

Today I was pleasantly surprised when I received a phone call asking if I could work for another co-worker this Saturday! I don't really *FEEL* like it, but I will work since I could use the extra money...plus I didn't have any real plans for Saturday anyway!

A Nice Surprise!

July 12th, 2009 at 05:45 pm

Yesterday I got my pay check at work for the last two weeks. Normally I have DD, but since boss was on vacation he didn't get payroll called in on time. I looked at my pay stub and noticed that I got paid for July 4th. I would have never expected it and actually wasn't planning on that money. I mean after all I only work at that office on Saturdays! I guess since the holiday fell on a Saturday that is the reason I got paid, but since it is a very PT position I was really amazedSmile

I felt that was very generous. We never even discussed holiday pay at the interview...

Saturday job change

March 8th, 2009 at 12:03 pm

Currently I work 2 Saturday jobs, alternating at each office. A few weeks ago I found out that during the summer, we are not scheduling on Saturdays beginning in mid-May in the one office. This is the job I was looking to replace for several months now. Even though the economy is certainly not the best right now, I figured I would see if I could work every Saturday at the other job. So last Saturday when I worked there I asked the boss if I could pick up an additional 2 Saturdays/month. He said that he thought it would be possible, just had to have the receptionists take a close look at the schedule. Well, by Tuesday of this week I got a call from the office telling me that I can start every Saturday beginning in April!

This position definitely involves more of a commute, but I believe it is well worth it. I will be grossing at least $180/month more because of more hours & increased hourly rate over the job.

Now, I have the dreadful job of confronting my other boss and letting him know my future plans (which involves me working there only 1 more Saturday). I absolutely dislike confrontation like this, but then I guess no one enjoys it...

Saturday job update

February 1st, 2009 at 10:01 am

Two weeks ago on a Saturday I had a working interview for a Saturday only position (2 per month). It seemed to go well and the employer was impressed with my work. He said that he would get back to me via email or phone because he had a couple other prospective employees scheduled for working interviews. He is currently interviewing for 2 other positions within the office as well (which is a BIG red flag especially in this economy). I'm not aware as to why there are so many vacancies in the office.

I received an email from him this week stating that an employee who has been with him for 20+ years had just recently asked him if she could pick up extra hours on Saturdays. So naturally he feels obligated to give her the hours. I understand that completely. Now I would think that before he advertised the position, he would check first with internal employees. But who knows! Anyway, he again thanked me for working that Saturday, stating that he thought I was a great worker and wants to keep my resume on file for possible future full-time or to fill in on an as needed basis.

At first I was a bit upset. As it is now, I work every Saturday between two offices. I was just looking to replace the one job with one that offers perhaps better working conditions and pay rate.

I do realize that I am fortunate to have 2 part-time Saturday jobs + a full-time job when so many people are losing their jobs. *crossing fingers* that it stays that way.

So right now I will stay where I am at. I will continue to scan the help wanted ads for a replacement Saturday position in my field. If something comes along that's fine, if not fine again!

Working Interview

January 18th, 2009 at 07:28 am

Yesterday I had working interview for a possible Saturday position. It seemed to go well. I was comfortable in the new work environment. The employer said that he was very impressed with my performance and interactions with patients.

One thing that does concern me is that I think this office has a bit of a high turnover rate. One of the patients mentioned to him that she really liked how I treated her, but that she gets a different clinician every time she has a Saturday appointment. In addition, the employer expressed to me that he was currently in the process of hiring a receptionist. So I don't know...sounds like there are some staffing issues. If I had to put up with it only 2 Saturdays a month (which is what the position is for), I think I could do that.

Anyway, he said two other candidates are scheduled to do working interviews as well in the next week or so. He told me I should hear back from him by the beginning of February, so we will see. At least I got paid for my time yesterday.

More money to CC debt!

January 5th, 2009 at 06:25 pm

In the mail today I got 2 refund checks in the amount of $10.19 total.


Also, several weeks ago I gave my employer a receipt for a continuing education course that I attended back in October. Usually he conveniently or perhaps legitimately forgets to write a check out to reimburse the costs. I do know that some employees just let it go and don't question it if they don't get paid. Since it is considered a benefit, you better believe it that I'm going to go after anything that is due to me!

I figured I can put this money to my CC debt since I need to pay it by tomorrow. So I went to my employer and inquired about it (guess he misplaced the receipt I had given him) and he wrote me out a check on the spot for the $50 that I had spent on the course! Yay!

Are healthcare jobs really recession-proof?

January 4th, 2009 at 08:12 am

I'm not really sure about that. Even though all of the sites I have visited such as Yahoo Hot Jobs, Kiplingers, etc. include health care careers on their listings, I still have doubts. In fact is ANY job really recession-proof??

According the the Bureau of Labor Statistics, many of the country's fastest-growing careers are those in the health care field...but do these positions actually weather the storm??

Up until yesterday (at my Saturday job) I wasn't too concerned about my job...I felt secure. Just two weeks ago I worked, and since then there has been much news there. Two receptionist/clerical workers have been laid off, the office manager was fired, and one of the doctors is leaving the practice. I don't know any details other than that. I really don't think that any of the items I mentioned other than the first one is related to the economy. I'm speculating that the doctor who is leaving may be going solo or to another group practice.

I feel somewhat better knowing that none of the clinical staff (of which I am one) has been laid off....yet. It is a large practice. The problem is that I was one of the last employees hired and I only work Saturdays.

I would be extremely worried if this whole scenario were the case at my full-time job. But based on previous experiences...the financial status there hasn't been in such good standing long before the problems surfaced with the US economy. The "doctor" owner here has had problems managing his money for years. So far though...no lay-offs. I just hope it stays that way.

I still have a busy schedule at both offices, so hopefully I will be able to hang on to both my full and part time jobs.

Interview, Holiday Bonus, etc.

December 24th, 2008 at 08:46 am

Last week I had an interview for a Saturday only position. The interview went well and I am scheduled to do a working interview one Saturday in January. Currently, I work at two different offices on Saturdays (working 2 Saturdays/month at each). I am interested in finding a replacement job for one of the offices. I'm just tired of being taken advantage of, paid below the current rate for my profession, etc. The employer doesn't give COLA, let alone performance raises unless I address the issue. I feel like since I only work 2 Saturdays each month there that I am not really a part of the team, although I generate a good amount of production while I am there. I am not invited to any social get-to-gethers that are hosted by the employer, such as the holiday parties. I used to get a small bonus there each month, but not even that anymore, at least for me. Maybe the full-time people still have that benefit, I don't know or care for that matter. I guess I just need to be happy to have a supplemental income now in this recession; however, I do know that I don't have to stay there and put up with that treatment when other opportunities are available.

So I will see how the working interview goes and take it from there. It is a bit more of a commute, but if I'm not taken for granted and actually treated like a colleague...that's what I'm looking for in a job. We discussed the pay rate. It will pay several more dollars/hour than my current job. I told him what I was interested in making based on my experience, the location, etc. He agreed to it...no negotiating!


In contrast to the job I was referring to at the beginning of the blog, my other Saturday job is great. Every employee is considered an asset, no matter how many hours/week you work. I feel appreciated, everyone works well as a team, both co-workers and patients like me, plus it pays me what I feel I am worth.

Anyway, I was actually invited to the Christmas party for this job. No surprise though, but it is in comparing the 2 jobs!
The party was last Saturday evening at a nice seafood restaurant. We exchanged names for gifts with a limit of $25. It was a lot of fun seeing everyone outside of work enjoying themselves. I have only worked at this office since July 2008, and have been at the office previously mentioned since 2006. To my surprise, after dinner and the exchanging of the gifts, my employer distributed the Christmas bonuses. A very nice gesture and to know that EVERY employee is treated relatively the same. Now I'm sure the full-timers got larger bonuses, but rightfully so...they generate more production. I'm just thankful to have gotten something extra as appreciation for the work that I have done for my employer.

Sorry this is so long and a bit of a rant!

Didn't get paid for last Saturday!

November 2nd, 2008 at 06:39 am

Last Saturday when I went to work, there was a power outage so we had to close the office. Since I have only been employed there starting in July (and only 2 Saturdays/month, I had no idea what the policy was regarding "Acts of God" incidences (or if there even was a policy). It seems that since I work in small offices both on a full and part time basis, neither of them are very efficient when it comes to office policy. It often turns out to be a "play it by ear" method when certain issues come up. Also, the rules often change since nothing is set in stone! Office manuals regarding policies are non-existent, or at least I was never given copies of them for the offices where I am employed.

Since I only work there Saturdays, I have no benefits; therefore, taking a personal day was not an option either. I'm thinking that perhaps the full-time employees got some kind of compensation, but I can't be sure of that.

So I was just wondering how many people here are paid for instances like I mentioned (due to power outage or weather-related office closings).

Saturday Update

October 25th, 2008 at 11:11 am

Yesterday, I had the settlement at the law firm for the mortgage refinance. Everything went well (after about 50 signatures that is !!), and it looks like I will be decreasing my monthly payment about $77/month. In addition the new term will be 15 years instead of 30...so quite a savings in interest. So my first payment is due December 1. I think I may make a payment to principal only on the mortgage in November and maybe plan to do that once a year. Then I plan to add the $77 new found money to the principal on the car loan each month.


I got sent home from my Saturday job due to a power outage in the area because of thunderstorms, heavy rain, wind, etc. I've only worked there since July so I'm not sure if we will get paid for today since it was beyond our control or not. I am actually surprised that the office doesn't have a backup generator.


On the way home from work, I stopped at Kohl's to return a couple of items. I had a Kohl's cash coupon to use for $10. I bought 2 pairs of sterling silver earrings that were regularly $35, on sale for $10.49 (sign said 65% off). So using the Kohl's cash, I paid 52 cents including tax for 2 nice sets of earrings.


I got a refund check in the mail for $3.59 so I will add that to next week's deposit to the CC savings account.


Now I want to do laundry and perhaps make some soup. Then I will just relax with a cup of green tea and read or watch TV...it's a good day for that since it is so dreary and damp outside.

Have a nice weekend!