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Job Update!!

June 14th, 2013 at 05:17 pm

Since I last posted on here regularly 3 yrs ago, my employment status has changed a little. In March 2012, my full-time job was cut from a 5 day work week to 4 days/week in an effort to cut overhead costs in the office. Given this news along with ever present financial problems (unable to order supplies, paychecks bouncing, etc.), I decided it was past time to get my resume updated and sent to potential employers. In addition, I got 1-2 weeks of unemployment b/c the owner had no problem taking vacations, even though the business is in financial distress. Unbelievable IMO, but it isn't any wonder he has these money problems!! He doesn't have an office manager or accountant to manage the finances and continues to live a lavish lifestyle rather than making his employees happy or trying to increase morale among the staff. After all, I worked there 7 years and never got a raise, as other workers didn't either. The excuse was always, "we can't afford it".

Anyhow, a co-worker who I worked with at my Saturday job in the past (which I no longer have that income due to cutbacks), informed me that she knew of an office that needed a part-time, to eventually full-time clinician. I immediately called the office and set up an interview, then a subsequent working interview. After the working interview, I didn't hear from the office manager in over a week so I called back to find out the status, plus I wasn't paid for my working interview. Apparently, the office manager was busy with a new imaging system that was getting installed and forgot to call me back. I guess they knew they were hiring me.

The office manager offered me 2 days to start, which quickly became 3 days. I cut back my hours at my once full-time job, so I ended up with 2 PT jobs (although my previous employer allowed me to keep my medical insurance...I paid a minimal amount towards the premium). After a few months, the office manager approached me to see if I would like to cover a 3 month maternity leave w/ M-F hours! That was perfect, and the previous employer took the news very well (after all it would save him $ since business was slow anyhow). At the beginning of the three months, the office manager asked if I could start full-time beginning June 2013. Of course, I took the job.

As with any job of course there are pros and cons. The pros include a substantial pay increase ($13/hr), more job security, hours, and benefits. Oh, and I get to choose my own hours--I went with M-Th 9-7. The negative aspects include the hour long commute each way, longer hours/day, and the great relationships I had w/ previous co-workers. Another con would be that I bought an SUV to make sure I can make it to work in bad weather. With the nature of my job in the medical field, snow days don't exist. My 2005 Honda Civic is very reliable & economical otherwise, it just isn't good for driving in the snow. The Honda has been paid off for years; however, I still owe on the Toyota Highlander. I do have 0% financing though.

Back to swagging now! Have a great Friday!!

2 Responses to “Job Update!!”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    It seems there are pros and cons will all jobs! I hope this turns out to be a good fit long term for you.

  2. LuckyRobin Says:

    It sounds like it's mostly working out well for you.

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