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Snowflake Ideas

May 26th, 2013 at 09:20 pm

I'm looking for some different ideas for how to accumulate snowflakes. Since I don't have the time to post on here very regularly anymore (although I do read the blogs), I thought I would take a few moments to read some of my own blog entries too. I noticed that compared to a few years ago, it takes me much longer to accumulate extra money. A huge source of my extra income previously had been my Saturday job (which I no longer have). I also rarely do mail in rebates anymore either. Plus, I certainly don't find nearly as much "found" money as in the past.

I have done Swagbucks for several months now, which I've been able to cash out for gift cards or Pay Pal--that is helpful. CCF, how are you able to accumulate so many Swagbucks per month? I do some surveys; however, I don't qualify for many of them.

Other than the extra ways of earning money posted on the side bar, does anyone have any other suggestions?? Thanks!