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July Snowflake Update

August 2nd, 2013 at 09:11 pm

Here are the final numbers for July:

Swagbucks $75.00
Credit Card Rewards 75.00
Insurance Co Refund 24.12
Doctor Copay Refund 30.00
Found Change .15
Ebay Sales Proceeds 14.60
Selling Coupons 3.50

Total $222.37

This brings the total for the year to $435.47. July has clearly been my best month in 2013!! Although I haven't been updating my snowflake income on here, I have been tracking on a money app on my phone. I do plan to update on here at least monthly now.

The question now is "how do I allocate this money?". Definitely a large percentage should go to CC debt. I do want to start saving some money for a new dishwasher, and don't want to take it out of my EF. The appliance is still functional; however, the latch doesn't always stay closed and the dishes do not get clean consistently anymore. I'm estimating it is about 15-20 years old because it was here when I purchased the house.

Thanks so much CCF for inspiring me to get more involved in Swagbucks! Even though I've probably been a member for about a year, it hasn't been until the last couple of months that I've devoted more time and effort to it. My favorite ways of earning Swagbucks are surveys and shopping online (mostly hotel reservations).

3 Responses to “July Snowflake Update”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    You did great this month, and VERY well on Swagbucks, too! Maybe consider WHEN you want to get a dishwasher and the cost. If it is $400 and you want it by the end of the year, you save $80 of your earnings for five months. The rest of your snowflakes could go to cc debt!!

  2. snafu Says:

    To keep your DW functioning until replacement, small maintenance projects might help. The Sears [Kenmore] installer reminded me to alternate DW products for better results. We fill the Rinse Dispenser with vinegar to keep the interior shiny.

  3. Jazzmint98 Says:

    Thanks for the advice CCF and snafu! I'll have to try those tips with the DW.

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