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Extra Income Fund Update

February 28th, 2010 at 08:12 pm

I have $481.66 to add to the extra income fund since my last deposit:

$428.22....Ebay Profits
$012.98....Refund Checks
$033.17....Mystery Shop Reimburse
$000.09....Found Money
$002.20....Coupon Trade Sale
$005.00....Survey Checks

That brings the new total in this account to $8,754.02!!

2 Responses to “Extra Income Fund Update”

  1. carterfinance711 Says:

    Thanks for the welcome comment. Smile I really like how you keep track of extra income! I read a couple of your posts. What exactly do you do with the "extra" income. Is it just to save or is it for something else? Good idea though!

  2. Purple Flower's Says:

    Your welcome...I'm building up an emergency fund with the extra income currently.

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