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Sunday Update

April 19th, 2009 at 06:24 pm

It was another NSD for me today. I did some yard work before it started to rain late this afternoon.


I requested another $10 check from Your2Cents surveys. Of course I haven't received the one that I requested on 2/18/09 yet Frown I haven't been getting many invites for Global Test Market...that figures I am close to being able to cash out for $50. I requested $1 payment to Paypal from Greenfield online surveys yesterday.


I also cashed out on my Citicard Rewards Cash for a bit over $50. I am nearing the $20 minimum for the Discover Card, so that should be doable next month.


It looks like I should have a good bit of extra income coming in here in the next few weeks. I always look forward to that. It is fun watching the extra income fund grow. It reiterates the fact that even small bits of money really are important--from the found penny to the Saturday income & all amounts in between!!

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