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Not Much New Here!

August 1st, 2009 at 05:55 pm

Like usual, on my way to work, I stopped by the convenience store to fill up my gas tank. It is normally much less expensive there. Today it was 14 cents less/gal. than in this area. I think that's a record difference in the year since I've been commuting there. Of course, it is in a different state, but near a large city. I live in a small town. Oh well, I can't begin to figure out the logic behind the gas price differences!

After I got home I mowed the yard with the help of DS. Then, I just got finished cutting his hair...the usual buzz cut style. His hair is so thick and grows quickly. I'm happy to have spent the $20 or so on electric clippers about a year ago. It sure has paid for itself.

Have a great weekend!

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