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Sunday Update-Shopping, Ebay, etc.

June 28th, 2009 at 07:50 pm

Last week I had 3 items end on Ebay. After fees/shipping I netted $27.15 for those.


Today we went to Walmart, Wegman's, & CVS.
I had a $50 GC for Wegman's that I received almost 2 years ago at Christmas time from my employer. There aren't any nearby where I live, although there is one close to my Saturday job. Since my commute is so long, I just never felt like stopping to go grocery shopping after work. Anyway, I have never been to a Wegman's, and I was impressed with the quality/freshness of the foods. I have always heard excellent comments about their exceptional customer service as well. It definitely is a nicer, upscale grocery store in comparison to what I've seen around this area. I plan to return there again whenever I'm in the area because I still have $ left on the GC.
I bought (3) baby carrots 0.79/lb, 2 lb. blueberries $4.99, radishes 1.19/lb, 2 1b. strawberries $3, plus some other items, but the prices were the same or lower than Walmart (where I usually get fruits/vegs)& a lot fresher!

I found a penny at the entrance door at CVS.


So, I'm adding $27.16 to the extra income fund!

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