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Sunday Update

March 29th, 2009 at 10:47 am

I finished my federal taxes Friday evening. It turns out I owe about $900. I prefer to not get a refund, but I would rather not have to pay in at the end of the year. I adjusted my withholding status with my employer in an attempt to *fix* the problem!! I still have to complete the state and local taxes...maybe I will do that sometime next week.


I have some items I want to list on Ebay. I went through DS's clothes from last spring/summer. I have about 40-50 pieces of clothing to post. I'm working on writing up the descriptions today and may enter the info one day during the week. It is too tedious for me to do all at once.


I really wanted to work out in the yard this weekend again, but it is cloudy/damp as it rained overnight. Maybe that will be a project for next weekend!

Have a great day!

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