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Interview, Holiday Bonus, etc.

December 24th, 2008 at 08:46 am

Last week I had an interview for a Saturday only position. The interview went well and I am scheduled to do a working interview one Saturday in January. Currently, I work at two different offices on Saturdays (working 2 Saturdays/month at each). I am interested in finding a replacement job for one of the offices. I'm just tired of being taken advantage of, paid below the current rate for my profession, etc. The employer doesn't give COLA, let alone performance raises unless I address the issue. I feel like since I only work 2 Saturdays each month there that I am not really a part of the team, although I generate a good amount of production while I am there. I am not invited to any social get-to-gethers that are hosted by the employer, such as the holiday parties. I used to get a small bonus there each month, but not even that anymore, at least for me. Maybe the full-time people still have that benefit, I don't know or care for that matter. I guess I just need to be happy to have a supplemental income now in this recession; however, I do know that I don't have to stay there and put up with that treatment when other opportunities are available.

So I will see how the working interview goes and take it from there. It is a bit more of a commute, but if I'm not taken for granted and actually treated like a colleague...that's what I'm looking for in a job. We discussed the pay rate. It will pay several more dollars/hour than my current job. I told him what I was interested in making based on my experience, the location, etc. He agreed to it...no negotiating!


In contrast to the job I was referring to at the beginning of the blog, my other Saturday job is great. Every employee is considered an asset, no matter how many hours/week you work. I feel appreciated, everyone works well as a team, both co-workers and patients like me, plus it pays me what I feel I am worth.

Anyway, I was actually invited to the Christmas party for this job. No surprise though, but it is in comparing the 2 jobs!
The party was last Saturday evening at a nice seafood restaurant. We exchanged names for gifts with a limit of $25. It was a lot of fun seeing everyone outside of work enjoying themselves. I have only worked at this office since July 2008, and have been at the office previously mentioned since 2006. To my surprise, after dinner and the exchanging of the gifts, my employer distributed the Christmas bonuses. A very nice gesture and to know that EVERY employee is treated relatively the same. Now I'm sure the full-timers got larger bonuses, but rightfully so...they generate more production. I'm just thankful to have gotten something extra as appreciation for the work that I have done for my employer.

Sorry this is so long and a bit of a rant!

3 Responses to “Interview, Holiday Bonus, etc.”

  1. Amber Says:

    Good luck, I understand how you feel. I had a Saturday job in which I was so stressed that I finally uit

  2. boomeyers Says:

    What a shame to be treated as on outsider just because you don't work full time. I hope the other job works out.

  3. vishnuprasath Says:

    This is very useful tips for an interview and making easy way understand every thing jobs in chennai

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