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Saturday Ramblings

August 16th, 2008 at 08:51 pm

Yesterday, I got an email confirmation from Pinecone stating that I will now be getting compensation via Paypal. I signed up for that several weeks ago. I can't imagine getting paid quicker from Pinecone, as they are very efficient at sending out checks in such a timely manner...usually with in a week.


The direct deposit at my Saturday job hasn't kicked in yet. I should have received my pay in my account on Friday. I guess that takes a few weeks to activate it in the computer system. It is a small business, so I wouldn't think that it would take nearly as long as for a big company but who knows. The first week I was given an office check for my pay. I don't know what happened this week no paper check and no direct deposit.


Tomorrow I want to get some items ready to list on ebay or craigslist. I need to get rid of some of the clutter around here.

Have a great weekend!

2 Responses to “Saturday Ramblings”

  1. Amber Says:

    I receive payments via paypal from Pinecone and love it

  2. LuxLiving Says:

    I signed up for the paypal pay from Pinecone but never received any pay that way, they just keep sending the checks which I'm okay with, but paypal would've been easier.

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