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It Has Been a Good Week!!

May 11th, 2008 at 06:47 am

I received my stimulus payment on Friday by direct deposit into my savings account for $1200. Yesterday, I received a check from Walgreen's March Easy Saver Rebate for $33.75 which will go to my checking account.

Earlier in the week, I received the professional license that I applied for last month. This will allow me to work in a larger city in a nearby state at a higher salary. Initially, I plan to just temp an extra Saturday or two a month for extra income. I already have a permanent Saturday job where I work every other Sat.

I got a letter from my attorney regarding the settlement of property with my ex-husband. Even though I have been divorced since July 2007, my attorney bifurcated the actual divorce decree from the financial aspect of the divorce. In April 2008, the Divorce Master sent my ex a recommendation on how she felt the property should be divided based on all the facts. It stated that I should receive the house and he is responsible for paying my attorneys fees/court costs. Since we were only physically living together for 1 1/2 years after we purchased the house, I have been paying on the mortgage for over 5 years with no input from him. Even when we were together, he didn't contribute that much to the mortgage due to his poor work ethics. Anyway, he had 20 days to appeal this recommendation. Now the time has expired, since he didn't take any further action. The letter from my attorney demands that he sign the deed and forward to him a certified check for $4700 in attorney fees. I seriously doubt that I will see that money. He currently is unemployed once again and has not paid any child support that he has been ordered to starting from the end of March 2008. I will just be satisfied with being able to refinance the mortgage to free up some extra money each month. The current mortgage rate is 8.5% on my loan, but I haven't been able to move forward with this since it was marital property.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

1 Responses to “It Has Been a Good Week!!”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    I hope things work out for you.

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